"Could you imagine if you met your long-lost brother that was, at one time, your Dad’s favorite and all the sudden you sit down together? And he doesn’t really want to hang out but there’s business?" - Robert Downey Jr

Emma Swan + every episode - 101 pilot

"Of course you’re not [..Pinocchio], because that would be ridiculous. “


For anyone who’s ever written a high school AU, fifteen year old Steve Rogers and seventeen year old Tony Stark. 

[From Captain America #355, 1989, and Iron Man #s 327-329, 1996.]

The Frozen Invasion Continues! Once Upon a Time to Introduce Another Character


And the Frozen invasion continues!

In addition to Elsa, Anna and Kristoff, Once Upon a Time is set to introduce yet another character from the Oscar-winning animated hit in season four, E! News has learned. But Frozen fans might not be too pleased to see this character again: It’s Hans, the treacherous Prince of the Southern Isles who tricked Anna into falling in love with him in an attempt to take over Arendelle.


OUAT Meme - Ten Characters [3/10]

yorleni asked: "Prompt: First time cuddling + Captain Swan"

After Peter Pan, after Zelena, after a trip to the past and the umpteenth treat from Regina, something else comes up.


Emma doesn’t know if she did something wrong in her past life, but she’s starting to think that being the Saviour is more a curse than a blessing. Save this, save that, and she keeps doing, she never questions that this is her job, because she’s actually good at doing it, or at least decent, for someone who found out she was the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White just two years ago.

But the truth is, she’s starting to like this life. She has a home now, not an empty, impersonal house with nobody waiting for her when she comes back. She has a family, a big one too, maybe too big sometimes, but never―

"Penny for your thoughts," a voice whispers behind her, startling her.

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:O he remembered

but Donna never will



Welcome to today’s episode of Colin & Jen being adorable idiots on set (x)

Chris Evans + Hands